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Toc, toc, toc

Posted by Arjendu on June 7, 2010

The Asterix and Obelix comics I grew up on always had — at some point — the Gauls doubting the sanity of some other culture, and using the phrase ‘These [Romans, Brits, Germans …] are crazy!” and a ‘Toc, toc, toc” of knuckles against the head to show exactly how insane.

Some bits of evidence that if confronted by Carls, they would say the same:

(1) There was the turning of Goodsell Observatory into R2-D2, complete with sound effects.

(2) The (annual?) silent dance party in the libe (everyone plays the same song on their headphones and dances together in — relative — silence).

(3) More than twenty-five percent of the entire student body turned up to spoon in a massive circle on the campus green.

(4) The major complaint about my Advanced E+M class was that I didn’t assign enough homework(only a couple of problems from each chapter of the book). Ok, fine, I agree that they would’ve learned more if I’d done that, and given the pace of the blitz through the material, I thought I was loading them enough anyway, but turns out not.


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