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[0811.4542] Mathematical undecidability and quantum randomness

Posted by Arjendu on December 2, 2008

via [0811.4542] Mathematical undecidability and quantum randomness

Another very cool result from this week. Anton Zeilinger and co-conspirators claim a link between mathematical undecidability and quantum physics. Specifically, given appropriate coding, “whenever a mathematical proposition is undecidable within the axioms encoded in the state, the measurement associated with the proposition gives random outcomes.” Thus, they claim that “quantum randomness is irreducible and a manifestation of mathematical undecidability”.

Wow. Nice.


2 Responses to “[0811.4542] Mathematical undecidability and quantum randomness”

  1. If the Paterek et al. paper interests you, you may find interesting undecidability I have found in the quantum formalism itself. This derives from a logical excluded middle under the Field Axioms and relates to scalars whose logical status are distinct. Some scalars exist as theorems of the Field Axioms, others merely satisfy them.

    This undecidability propagates through a full theoremology indicative of causelogy in Nature that explains the “causal anomalies” of Quantum Physics. Some details are in my blog.

  2. steviefaulkner said

    If you are interested in the origins of indeterminacy in Quantum Mechanics, read my newly finished paper titled:

    “The Mathematical Undecidability within Quantum Physics: The Origin of Indeterminacy and Mechanism of Decision at Measurement”

    To get a copy click on the following link:

    Click to access undecidability-in-qm_1034.pdf

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