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Bob and Adam’s excellent quantum adventure

Posted by Arjendu on November 18, 2008

I’ve mentioned earlier that my students Bob and Adam had done some interesting work in figuring out how to resolve a problem in using the negativity of a Wigner function to measure how quantum a given state was. We shipped the paper to Phys. Rev. today, as well as depositing it on arxiv.

This is my first paper with an undergrad student as first author. I’ve had papers before with undergrad co-authors, but this is the first one where the undergrads were definitely the lead contributors. I worked hard on one with a whole slew of students, but finally had to resolve the puzzle myself, and on the second, the bulk of the work was done by my collaborators, though I was very very happy to have the student contributions both times.

Now to wait for feedback. Comments from blog audience welcome as well, of course.


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