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Relativity songs

Posted by Arjendu on March 9, 2008

Part of my ‘Revolutions in Physics’ class grade is given for a ‘creative’ project, where I’ve gotten all sorts of cool things over the years, some useful, some silly, some very thought provoking.

Last year Gaetan Damberg-Ott (an IR major) wrote a side-splitter of a relativistic noir (I wonder how many times those two words have appeared together before :-)) detective story he called The Case of the Missing Time which was picked up by APS News for their ‘Zero Gravity’ column. Gaetan had a blast annoying the graduating physics seniors with his claim that he was a published physicist.

Once in a while I get an original song. Here’s two for your listening pleasure: Dear Electron (Adam Fetcher) (from a few years ago) and Relativity (Tom Weishan) (from last week).


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