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Quantum jokes

Posted by Arjendu on March 4, 2008

What’s your favorite quantum mechanics joke?

I got the following in early morning email:

How do you know you’re dealing with the physics mafia?

They make you an offer you can’t understand.


And my response:

How do you know you’re dealing with the quantum physics mafia?





Because you wake up with a horse on your bed that’s both dead and alive.

Oh come on, that’s half-decent. You smiled.

It’s clearly silly season at the end of the term here at Carleton College. Your contribution appreciated.


5 Responses to “Quantum jokes”

  1. philosopherP said


  2. Math joke: What’s purple and commutes? An Abelian grape.

  3. arjendu said

    That’s terrible, Doug! :-). Much appreciated!

  4. fun!

  5. Arjun said

    What’s the difference between a physician and a physicist?
    The physician thinks a boson is something you wear on your chest…

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