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Small big rewards

Posted by Arjendu on January 11, 2008

The pleasures of teaching (1): At the end of quantum today, having babbled on about state kets, transformations, bases rotations, and what not for an hour, trying to fill in the holes in my students’ understanding, or perhaps more appropriately trying to hold their hand as they construct their understandings, I said: ‘Have a great weekend, thank you’. And one of them looked at me and said, ‘no, thank you‘. Possibly ironic? Probably not.

The pleasures of teaching (2): I sat down a few minutes ago to tinkery things like HW solutions and then this blog, winding down towards the weekend. A student from my Revolutions class walks in, trying very hard to articulate something she’s been struggling with. It’s nothing to do with the homework, nothing to do with anything I’ve asked them to think about. She was walking home, and then turned around to come find me. She wanted to understand something about forces and Newtonian physics and what not. ‘You’ve gotten into my head, I’ve been obsessing about physics and driving my room-mates nuts … I’ve tried to think about these things before but now it makes so much more sense.’ This is my target audience, this student — from the humanities side of campus, about to graduate college, and getting to obsess about Newtonian Third Law pairs. Nice end to a tiring first week.


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